Monday, October 4, 2010

Walking on Sunshine

With the end of summer comes the reflection over all that summer means. To me, summer can be encapsulated by home made popsicles, volleyball, and sunglasses, among other things. Coincidentally, sunglasses can also be present at summer weddings, and in fact seem to be a guest of honor. Couples have been introducing the idea of sunglasses into their weddings; some even providing them for guests. All manner of weddings, from the most formal to the most casual have featured sunglasses in varying ways. The smartest and I have in fact been known to take sunglass photos, and I predict we will make use of this tactic in the future. As we wave goodbye to summer and welcome autumn with a mug of cider, lets review the many ways that sunglasses can make a wedding unforgettable.

Photos found on 100layercake and Junebugweddings

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