Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Twas the weekend before Christmas...

What does every good little engaged couple do the weekend before Christmas? Christmas related activities, generally speaking. The smartest and I spent our weekend making gifts, ice skating, and having a miniature early fiance Christmas.

On Friday night, the smartest and I went ice skating with some of our good friends the engineer, the nurse, the tallest and the med-student (those of you laughing hysterically at the mental image of me with blades of metal strapped to my feet on a slippery surface, feel free to take a moment to locate your composure). Shockingly, though I am by no means a coordinated person, the smartest managed to keep me on my feet the entire evening (despite the fact that I nearly fell over standing on solid ground multiple times). Somehow the med-student and the tallest managed to escape the photo-taking frenzy.

On Saturday morning I was up and on the town attempting to locate the components for some office Christmas gifts. I decided to make my co-workers a special blend of spiced tea that Mama artist always makes around Christmas time (tasty, affordable and toasty). I found some excellent Christmas glassware to include with the canisters of tea, and managed to compile all the necessary ingredients from Homeland (a pleasant surprise indeed).

Saturday night, the smartest and I had a mini fiance Christmas celebration. We exchanged the gifts we didn't think would quite make it through airport security (the smartest and I vamoose Thursday to go visit the artist parents). We had delightful Chinese take out (yes, yes I can feel you cringing- I promise that we will have home-cooked food on actual Christmas) and mournfully watched the last episode of Veronica Mars. We had our gift exchange and (drumroll please)...

The smartest got me the coolest present ever!

For those of you who have no idea what a tablet is, or have visions of chewable vitamins dancing in your head, feel free to read about it here. Am I one spoiled designer-blogger-fiance, or what? He, albeit slightly less spoiled,  has been walking around in a very handsome new pea coat (if I do say so myself).

Stay tuned this week for Christmas adventures and some delicious recipes (if you get lucky I might even share our super-secret family spiced tea recipe).

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