Wednesday, May 25, 2011

100 Days

Apparently, in wedding world, the 100 day mark is significant. This particular day marks the official begin of bridal freak out season. The sentiment usually associated with this day is something to the effect of "WHOA! 100 days! That's nowhere near long enough to get all this done! Its gone so fast".

In artist world... the 100 day mark means something different. The 100 day mark indicates that it is roughly 3 months and 10 days until d-day (the day on which wedded bliss will ensue). Personally- I think that 100 days sounds like WAY longer than 3 months. 100 days basically sounds like 1/3 of a year- which is a LONG time. 3 months? 3 months is how long summer vacation is. 3 months is how long it takes for babies to stop being really intimidating. 3 months is really not that long. 100 days? A really. really REALLY long time.

So yes. 100 days from today, the smartest and I will be MARRIED. And it really won't matter if it felt like a long time. Because being together forever (which is an even longer time, by the way) will be totally worth it. And here is a picture of us- because a post this mushy definitely deserves an equally mushy photo.

1 comment:

The Smartest said...

Yay 100 days :) I can't wait!!!


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