Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Swedish Sweets and Packing Practice

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Isn't it remarkable that I have been dragging out this last weekend's events for 3 days now? What can I say, it was so fun and exciting that it really seemed necessary to give you all the details (and by details, I mostly mean pictures). However, if you would like to read about something other than the smartest and I's weekend activities- go check out what younghouselove has been up to lately.

After our departure from our blueberry pancake adventure, the smartest and I headed for IKEA. We weren't entirely sure what to expect- we'd never been, and the way people described the "Ikea experience" was sort of hard to follow. We arrive shortly before the showroom opened- which meant we got to stand in the crowd of people that were all trying to push past the poor employee that was tasked with keeping us all in our place (I have a hunch that this is what they threaten unweildly employees with). At 10:00 sharp, the employee stepped aside, and there was a rush to push into the showroom. For those of you who have never had the delight of an IKEA experience, it goes basically like this:

Top floor= entire rooms/houses set up with excellent Ikea things. There is a mock office which connects to a mock bathroom which connects to a mock dining room... you get the idea. It was such a neat way to see things- we could say "ooh- I really like that shelf, it would go really well in _____ space in the house". After you find something you like, you write down its location in the downstairs, which is where you will find it later. The beauty of this system is 1). Circulated traffic all in one direction and 2). Zero shopping carts on the first floor, getting in the way. The smartest and I moseyed, studied, noted, wrote, walked, gazed and lusted after the Ikea rooms. So. Much. Stuff. And just when we thought it would all be too much... we stopped for lunch.

Ikea is very smart. They have a place to eat in-store that is reasonably priced, so that you don't have to leave and go forage elsewhere (not that they would probably want you to). So the smartest and I joined the throng of Ikea-visitors in the long lunch line. At this point, we realized that 1). Ikea has some seriously Swedish roots that they want to celebrate and 2). Its mean to make you pick dessert first. In the frosty dessert case, gazing longly at us (or so it seemed), was a wonderful looking piece of chocolate pie and a "Swedish dessert sampler". We figured that part of the Ikea experience is the food... so we decided to partake (but I should note that we had chicken strips and fries, so we really didn't branch out as much as we could have). Long story already much too long... the dessert was really really tasty. Really. And we ate way too much (but you know, keeping your blood sugar up is really important while shopping for an ENTIRE day).

We made our way downstairs to the “warehouse” part of Ikea- the part with massive bins full of awesomeness and a storage room filled with boxes that all look exactly the same. This is the part where things started getting interesting. There were rows of lights, mirrors, storage, baskets, napkins… it was sensory overload. We waded through the crowds of people (the smartest manning the cart, since I have a propensity to run over small children both on accident and on purpose). After we conquered the bins, we can to the next point- the warehouse. This is where we would take our “Aisle” and “Bin” numbers we studiously documented and scour the shelves to find them. Fortunately, considering that the entire cart was now overflowing, flat-bed carts were available upon entry to the maze of boxes. We marched about with great purpose, referencing our legal pad of desired purchases and attempting to pack everything as tightly as possible. There may or may not have been a collective groan as we prepared to check-out.

After we successfully checked out, we popped out to the “loading area” and the smartest brought the truck over. At this point, we realized that we may have over-estimated our space a bit. Never fear- our packing instincts took over, and we were able to pack the bed and the cab without so much as impeding the smartest’s view out the back window. That’s right- packing instincts. Which I suspect we will use a ton as we start moving me this weekend…

We spent Saturday night with great-aunt artist, watching HGTV and generally relaxing after the throng of people in Ikea. We scurried out on Sunday morning to make a quick pit-stop by Frys, the all star of all electronic stores. Basically, hobby lobby : artist as Frys: smartest. And here I thought  I would never use those math skills.

Excellent weekend. Really busy. We even topped it off with driving a load of furniture out to the house from my apartment. I know- we are like the pink bunny, we just keep going.

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