Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Genius in the form of food

Have you heard of Pinterest? Its a really cool site that is basically an online inspiration board, where great ideas, recipes and interesting things are passed around and discovered. I recently made this discovery (about a month ago) and have finally gotten around to exploring it a little bit. All I can say is- very very cool.

I am a visual person (which is really surprising, I know, since I am the artist and all). That means that you can stop me in my (metaphorical) tracks with a picture of something that I think is nifty. A cool recipe that is pretty to look at, or a really descriptive picture from a DIY, a creative solution to an everyday problem... these are the kinds of things that make my little designer's heart go thump thump.

Rather than bestowing all of my new-found (I always think of Newfoundland dogs when I use the word new-found, and now you probably will too. You're so welcome) inspiration on you all in one go, I thought I would stick to some really cool food ideas that I have stumbled across recently. I don't know what the deal is, maybe summer is making me hungry.

Patriotic Strawberries 

Why this idea rocks: Easiest theme-y contribution to a 4th of July party EVER. Its super cute, super easy looking, and probably really really tasty. (Anyone who might celebrate 4th of July with the smartest and I- I call dibs on this recipe. HA.)

Dipped raspberries 

Why this idea rocks: The thing I hate about chocolate covered strawberries is that they are too big to eat in one bite, and they leave you with awkward stems to carry around as you attempt to mingle with, but avoid touching, the humans. Raspberries solve both of these grievances- they are bite sized, and stemless.

Cookie bowl 

Why this idea rocks: The bread bowl was an epic invention. It revolutionized the way that soup is served, by turning the vessel in which the soup arrives into something that not only doesn't have to be washed afterwards, but can also be ingested. This is SO MUCH COOLER. No more choosing between ice cream and a cookie. The answer to that question is now simply "yes".

Chocolate Cups 

Why this idea rocks: On the subject of edible dishes, chocolate dishes are equally as nifty as cookie bowls. As a matter of fact, as they are less absorbent, they may be more suitable for certain things. And making them with water balloons? This is the ultimate combination- dessert AND an activity for summer time.

Jello Slices

Why this idea rocks: I'm not entirely certain how this works- but I AM certain that it looks really nifty, and is probably not all that unhealthy, as far as adorable treats for the little people are concerned. And since jello comes in so many colors... I challenge you to find a holiday for which this recipe can't be adapted.

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