Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Icing on the Cake

The time has come (actually the time came quite some time ago, and I ignored it and carried on my merry way) for us to choose a wedding cake. No pressure- it is only one of the staples of the wedding tradition, and will only be memorialized in film until the end of time. No biggie.

The smartest and I are fortunate enough to have a family friend that happens to be an amazing baker. She did cakes from brother and sister smartest's weddings, so we know we are in capable hands. However, in order to work her magic, she will have to know what we want... which might be a bit tricky, since we don't have any idea what that is. You see where this is going, don't you? I bounce ideas off you, and brainstorm loudly at the general public, and eventually come to a conclusion. Therefore:

I love the idea of bunting cake- particularly since bunting is such a big part of the rest of the wedding. AND- if we had a little miniature bunting on top of our cake, we could frame it with our wedding pictures later, and it would be an adorable keep sake.

Green wedding shoes: 

Project wedding: 

Inspired Bride: 

Whisker Graphics: 

Belly Feathers

Home Based  Mom

So then, the question becomes flavor, color and layer related. Oh yes, it is quite a quandary in which we find ourselves currently (not that I would change a bit about it- what a wonderful thing to be vexed about).  Perhaps we will let you know what we decide when we decide it... or perhaps my evil side will win out and we will make you wait and wonder.

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